Welcome to Moodle, the learning management system ("LMS") at Xiamen University Malaysia.

Access to this system is limited to authorized users only.  Use your Campus ID & password to access this system. 

Recommended using Google Chrome browser for the best experience. 

Click here for Moodle Quick Start guide.

IT Services - Getting Started in XMU Malaysia
Angie Ng

IT Services - Getting Started in XMU Malaysia

Welcome to Xiamen University Malaysia Campus!

Refer below IT quick guide for all new staff or students upon onboarding in XMUM. Self Enrollment Key = 0

New users are required to activate their staff or student's email ID and Campus ID before accessing to the online system in the University.

Step 1: Visit https://linc.xmu.edu.my/ and choose Technology Tab

Step 2: Refer to Email & Office365 section for the guide to Change Initial Password for the University's email

Step 3: Refer to Campus ID section for the guide to set/reset Campus ID's password via URL  https://id.xmu.edu.my/

Subsequently, you can use the Campus ID to login into multiple information service systems:

  • Borrow books, Self-service printing, Door Access, Discussion Rooms Booking, AskA, Campus Access, Secured Network (VPN) access etc.
  • University learning portal - Moodle, Academic Affairs Online Systems, and student portal


Visit Xiamen University Malaysia Library & IT Services URL https://linc.xmu.edu.my/  Information | Technology

It contains useful information on respective IT services and explanation on how to access XMU’s IT services and facilities.

Face to face consultation, proceed to Library Helpdesk at Library Room 101 or contact 03-8800 6801

IT access problems, you can email it@xmu.edu.my or contact 03-8800 6852 (B1 102) / 03-8705 5017/5014 (A2 G10)

Online Help

Visit https://linc.xmu.edu.my/ | Contact | FAQAskA   


Moodle Quick Start (Lecturer)
Muhammad Hazim Bin Shuhaili hazimAngie NgPREMANATHAN SARKUNAM

Moodle Quick Start (Lecturer)

Quick start on how to use the basic functions of Moodle and start uploading course material in Moodle, as well as for knowledge sharing purposes.  Lecturer can start applying course for the academic purposes via Course Request.

The Course Request can only be approved for Lecturer only.  Only lecturer can request course in Moodle and uploading the course materials online.  For further assistance, please email moodle@xmu.edu.my:

a. Request for Course  - http://recordit.co/ufv6zUCorn

b. Edit/Update Course Setting - http://recordit.co/rC13Ke9bzc

c. Upload a file or multiple course material - http://recordit.co/bi8FvjLF9y or http://recordit.co/IbEYH2mtjR

d. Set enrollment key - http://recordit.co/PD6evVjo60

e. Delete a file or folder - http://recordit.co/JdkSGj726k

f. Manual Enrollment to Add lecturer into active course in Moodle - https://recordit.co/7Pi2N0WxCy

g. Delete existing course or changes on course category- Email request to moodle@xmu.edu.my 


- This guide is applicable for lecturers only. Enrollment Key = 1

- Lecturer can either enroll student into course or share the Course Name and Enrolment Key with the students for student self enrolment. Course Name to be provided by Lecturer to students.

- Lecturer to edit course setting and set self enrolment for every new semester, prior to semester starts.

- Email moodle@xmu.edu.my to request for your course movement in different course categories and/or year folder

Using My Media (Lecturer)
Angie Ngbo qiYing Zhang

Using My Media (Lecturer)

Quick Guide for lecturer on how to perform, record, upload and share video capturing in Moodle.


a. Use campus laptop with built in camera and audio

b. Use Google Chrome browser

c. Connect your laptop with power adapter and network cable for better video capture and viewing experience.

To get started, simply follow below quick steps:

Pre-requisite - Complete Moodle Quick Guides, then proceed to below steps. (Enrolment Key: 2)

1) One-time Download, Install and Register Desktop Recording Tool (MDR) - https://recordit.co/9zxLmehQBO

2) How to Record with Screencast / Slideshow(.ppt) / Video (Speaker View) / Audio (Sound) with pause function during recording in My Media https://recordit.co/5uD8XMvl6h

3) How to Upload existing video to My Media - https://recordit.co/RoXtS83rd3

4) How to Delete Unwanted Recording - https://recordit.co/BP0rTCBIjQ

5) How to Share the Uploaded Video In Moodle Course Page - https://recordit.co/WEVwqWquUD

6) How to View Analytics Report on Published Video - https://recordit.co/83mY5TikUE

7) Lecturer Download to Computer - https://recordit.co/WHJkbAGoIjhttps://xmueducn-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/it_xmu_edu_my/EYe9C-zGQNxGtsEFVUA8OysBO6LqjtsE2VULBBDhexJMcg

8) How to record offline using MDR tool - (EN) 

- (CH) 

For more info, visit IT Useful Guides

Moodle Quick Start (Student)
Angie Ng

Moodle Quick Start (Student)

Moodle is a powerful all in one learning platform, used by the University for the course materials content sharing,  announcement, forums, assignments, quizzes etc.

Below is a quick guide for student on how to enroll for a course in Moodle.

1. Student to login to Moodle using Campus ID and Password. Click Show Me

2. Student to obtain Course Name and Enrolment Key from lecturer in order to enroll for the require course.

3. Visit URL https://linc.xmu.edu.my/ > Information > Moodle

4. Click Show Me on how to enroll for a course.

5. Student can self unenrol from the existing course, by end of semester. 

6. For difficulty in login (after 6 continous failed login) Moodle, email moodle@xmu.edu.my and quote your Campus ID for further assistance.

7. For more details please enroll Moodle Quick Start (Student) by using Enrolment Key: 2

8. How to view tutorial videohttps://recordit.co/zkPx52nwUU

For Student details on IT Services & Useful Guides, click here

For Student - IT Services & User Guides

Moodle Mobile (Unavailable Now)

Moodle Mobile (Unavailable Now)

Updated on Feb 2020

Kindly note this feature is currently turn off to facilitate smooth online learning experience until further notice.

Moodle Mobile Application Installation Guide for reference.

1. Go to Moodle Mobile App and select “INSTALL”

2. Select “ACCEPT”

3. Connect to Moodle via site address https://l.xmu.edu.my/ and select “Connect”

4. Enter Username = Campus Id and Password = Campus Id password

5. You can see My Course(s) as displayed.