com103 electronic engineering
Chong Kim ong

com103 electronic engineering

Goal:The course gives an fundamental understanding and knowledge in electronic devices and circuit theory and introductory analog circuit design . It covers input and output characteristics, ac and dc analysis of  semiconductor devices. Design of analog amplifiers,filters, stability etc will be introduced. The theory will be enhanced  with simulations of analog electronics circuits.It prepares students  for more advanced modules in engineering and science
Students will gain a fundamental understanding and knowledge of electronic devices, ac and dc analysis and characteristic of  electronic devices
Students will acquire skills in the design of the amplifiers, filters  etc.
Students will acquire proficiency in the use of computerized simulation tool.

Introduction to Pspice simulation software
Basic circuit theory
Alternating current
Basic semiconductor physics
Semiconductor diode and applications
Semiconductor transistor
dc analysis of bipolar junction transistor (BJT)
ac analysis of BJT
Metal-oxide field emission transistor (MOSFET)
Electric circuit and amplifier
Operational amplifiers

com 105 Engineering physics (I)
Chong Kim ong

com 105 Engineering physics (I)

•To learn the basic laws of physics in mechanics and heat and thermodynamics;
•To be able to apply these laws in various physical situations (problem-solving);
•To prepare for more advanced modules in Engineering Sciences;
•To think critically, ask the right questions, and articulate ideas clearly (discussions, tutorials);
To make the transition from high school learning to college learning
•Kinematics of Particles
•Dynamics of Particles
•Dynamics of Bodies
•Temperature and Heat
•Kinetic Theory of Gases
•First Law of Thermodynamics
•Second Law of Thermodynamics

Circuit Foundation

Circuit Foundation

Course name: Circuit Foundation

COM103 Electronic Engineering
Xiaochao Li

COM103 Electronic Engineering

This course aims to equip students with the abilities:

  1. To learn the basic concepts of electronic systems in the modern world

  2. To understand the fundamental principles of electronic systems

To develop the fundamental skills required for electronic engineering

COM101 Engineering Mathematics (I)
Min Lim

COM101 Engineering Mathematics (I)

This course introduces students to single variable calculus. Topics covered include: functions, limits, continuity, derivative, mean value theorem for derivative, indefinite integral, definite integral, fundamental theorem of calculus, applications of derivatives, maximum and minimum, rate of change, mean value theorem for integrals, approximations of the integrals, applications of integrals, area, volume, transcendental functions, techniques of integration, improper integrals, first order differential equations.